Welp! As August winds down, I figure its a good time to give another big “Die Young” film update, this time I included everything I have completed up to a certain point. I actually have a bit more then this done as well, and a full update is available on my Patreon! But for now, here is a rough cut of most of the stuff I have done so far! It’s missing a lot of backgrounds, background characters, and other such final tweaks, but I hope you guys enjoy how it’s coming together! 

For those who don’t know, I am doing a fan animated version of my favorite song “Die Young” By Kesha <3

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Just in case any of you haven’t seen this yet, Its a bunch of deleted scenes of how Bill and Dipper met and so on. If you have already watched the dreamscaperers episode then i fully recommend that you watch this as well!

This is gold!



Imagine dipper going up to wendy and saying “talk dirty to me” and then playin it on his tuba - imaginegravityfalls

I literally stopped everything I was doing at the moment to make this.

Nice try, Dipper, nice try.



So I did a parody of Tropical Island from Adventure Time for fnaf

sorry for my godawful voice


In Freddy Fazbear’s pizza X4

In Freddy Fazbear’s pizza
Trying to survive as long as we can
Hanging with all the robots
Hoping they won’t kill us like the ones before us

Checking all the cameras
Checking all the cameras
Closing all of the doors
Closing all of the doors

Get me out of this room
Cause it’s nothing but a security guard’s tomb
And if we make it to 6AM
I think I’m gonna quit this job as fast as I can
I’m gonna run as fast as I can